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Farming after the update


The super cell forums are full of posts like ‘How farming is dead’. But to be honest its not dead, the only thing that is dead is the free shield from town hall sniping. I am a TH8 who struggled a lot after the update. Why?? Not because farming was dead, and also not because i was getting 3 starred by th9s most of the time and also losing 300k of gold and elixir. I was extremely unhappy because of the fact that I couldn’t do the one thing I loved the most, getting out there and destroying bases of actual people.  I lost literally every raid. I call this period ‘THE DARKEST TIMES OF COC’

HAPPY TIMES: After losing so much. I finally wised up. The problem was the not my low level troops or  me getting attacked by th9s so much. The problem was my trophies. Now I am happily getting raids for 350k each and 1.5k DE in a matter of 3-4 mins of searching. I am at  So I am writing this article to help you guys in Deciding the trophy range for good farming

Th10: Crystal 1 or masters 3

Th9: crystal 2/3

Th8: Gold 2/1(for dark elixir) or lower for gold and elixir

Th7: Silver 1 or Gold 3

Th6: Silver 3/2

Disclaimer: All the views expressed herein are of my personal opinion formed through playing the game for hours in a day. Any disagreements shall not be entertained and they will be ignored.

Thank you and Clash On.

How to 3 Star a Popular Base | TH9 | by vis


This is a very popular war base.  Let me show you the easiest way possible to 3 star this base.

Troops Needed(this includes troops in war cc): 

  1. 2 Golems
  2. 2 Witches
  3. 3 Giants
  4. 3 Wallbreakers
  5. 8 Wizards
  6. 22 Hogs

Spells Needed:

  1. 1 Jump Spell
  2. 3 Heal Spells
  3. 2 Poison Spell

Once you’ve got that cooked up. Here are other important things.

ENEMY QUEEN PLACEMENT. Any Hog attack will not succeed if the queen is targeting them. So which side you hit will depend on where the enemy queen placement lies.  Since the enemy queen is on the left side of the town hall, that is where we will strike.




LURE. do not forget to lure and kill war cc before dropping your hogs. Forget to do this and you can only hope for a 1 star.

Attack Step by Step Instructions:

Create a path for the Heroes

  1. Drop Golems so they absorb all the heavy fire.
  2. Drop Wizards on each other building. try to leave middle structures so heroes funnel into base and NOT go around.
  3. Drop wallbreakers. since the golems should be taking all the fire, your wallbreakers should open up a hole in the wall no problem.




Funnel Heroes and troops to the center

4.  Drop heroes. King first then Queen.
5.  Drop remaining Wizards
6.  Drop Witches
7.  Place the Jump spell where Troops can get to center and destroy Heroes




Launching the Attack with HOGS

8.    Drop a Giant. Giant is only placed there to take on initial fire till hogs get into compartment.
9.    Drop half of your Hogs. 5 on different buildings.
10.  Place a Heal where it covers part of the compartment they are in and over the tesla.

Do the same thing once more but in the next near by compartment.  

     11.    Drop a Giant. Giant is only placed there to take on initial fire till hogs get into compartment.
12.   Drop half of your Hogs. 5 on different buildings.
13 .  Place a Heal where it covers part of the compartment they are in and over the tesla.

Securing the 3 star

14.    Drop the last Giant near the final compartment to take on fire.
15.    Place final heal in similar spot as the first 2 but in the final compartment.


Now watch a attack in action. even with mistakes the attack success.

Town Hall 9.5

What is Town Hall 9.5?

Town Hall 9.5 is a strategy used in Clash of Clans to help better transition into Town Hall 10.  (This also works on Transitioning to TH 8, and TH 9)
(Summary at bottom.)

When upgrading, a new building increases your weight a lot more than upgrading a building. (I.e., building a new level 1 archer tower increases your weight more than upgrading a pre-existing archer tower).
With this in mind, after upgrading your TH to 10, building your new defences will almost always make you outweigh any maxed TH9’s no matter the level of your defences.

With TH 9.5 your main focus would be upgrading your offense, (Laboratory Research, Spells, Army Camps.) while spending gold on pre-existing defences. This includes refraining from building your new inferno towers!!

Doing this you will weigh as a Low Town Hall 10, while having the offensive capability of a higher weighted TH 10.

In return you will match with lower 10’s and sometimes even high 9’s giving you an advantage instead of the obvious disadvantage of getting matched against max infernos.

To Summarize!

  • Upgrade to TH 10
  • Build new collectors, storages(some say new walls and traps don’t hurt too much, up to you.)
  • Upgrade your Lab, Spell Factories, and Camps. (Start researching troops and spells.)
  • Only Upgrade pre-exisiting defensive buildings. 
  • Don’t upgrade walls past TH 9 Max.

Some people like to keep their defences at TH9 max while only upgrading their offence and researching new troops keeping their weight as low as possible while upgrading their troops to max. 

This has an advantage for obvious reasons, so if you have the patience this is not a bad idea.

This will lead to you weighing closer to Max 9 than Max 10. Leading on better matchmaking in wars.

Better match=⭐️⭐️⭐️

 ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Win Wars!

Good Luck Clashers!

-CJ “Miyagi”