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The BEST Clash Clan Ever




If you are reading this you may be at war with us, searching for a new clan,  or possibly just seeing what Ilution is all about.

If you are at war with us then good luck!

If you are searching for a new clan please check out our clan rules page under the Ilution clan menu option up top. We take pride in our clan and expect all new recruits as well as existing members to follow them accordingly.

Here is some background information on Ilution. The clan was originally founded by Vis back in early 2015. Vis recruited till the clan filled up in members. He understood that most of these members were inadequite and would not stay long term in the clan. In April of 2015 Vis met Tylerka3 in Clash’s global chat. They decided to exchange each others KIK usernames and eventually merge clans. In a leap of faith Tylerka3 merged his clan of 20 or so members into Ilution and was promoted to the permanent clan leader. Ilution is successful based on the core belief behind how the clan is run. Clan leaders communicate and come to agreements on how the clan should be run. Not one leader controls the clan; Ilution is a democracy. In respect to the other leaders of Ilution Tylerka3 forfeited the Leader title to them. Now each week the main clan leaders rotate the leader title amongst each other. This has been the way Ilution has been run for over 18 months.

This months greatest raiders!

At the start of every month our members gold grab and elixir escapade are recorded. At the end of the month we hold a contest to see which of our clan members snagged the most gold and elixir during the month. Congratulations to the following ten people!

  1. Iskaral                       275,235,861
  2. Kyrie                            88,024,599
  3. CaptainCupcakes       75,609,528
  4. Mcbride                       63,749,149
  5. Thekid                          57,298,798
  6. Greg                              57,241,690
  7. Virus                             56,943,556
  8. Breezy                           43,092,702
  9. Darryl                            36,665,600
  10.  Vincent Vega              31,622,797

Great job everyone! Remember to submit your highest raids on kik as well.

Didn’t make the list? Try again next month!

Playing Clash on a Desktop/Laptop

Requirements: Windows 7 or newer and minimum 4GB of RAM.

Start by downloading an android emulator called Bluestacks2

Open the executable, select your download location, and install Bluestacks 2. Should take about two minutes tops.

This should be your screen once you run the program:


From there click on the Android tab and search “clash of clans” and click on it:


Before downloading Clash of clans you will have to login with a google account. I recommend the account linked to your clash of clans account to save time down the line.


After successfully logging in you can finally download,install and launch the game.


Once opened in the top left click sign in and a message will pop up to load your village. Click load.


Hopefully everything worked out for you and you can finally play Clash of clans on a windows based PC.