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The BEST Clash Clan Ever

Clash Tips

#1.  Save your Gems.  Only use to build Huts with them at first.  In theory, through all of the achievements you can eventually earn 9,432 gems.  Most players are able to earn the third builder hut after completing the “Sweet Victory achievement that gives 250 gems.  The Huts cost 500 (3rd), 1000 (4th), and 2000 (5th) gems.  If you are committed to playing the game, getting the huts as early as possible will save you a lot of time.

save your gems


#2.  ATTACK EASY LOOT. When looting bases, keep clicking on “Next” and cycle through matches until you find not only towns with high loot, but find towns that you can archer/barbarian/goblin attack cheaply with little cost to yourself and high loot potential yourself.  Focus on towns that have their mines and drills unprotected outside of walls, and look closely if they are full.  If they are 1)Full 2)Outside of the walls or unprotected inside first wall and 3)High in resources this the optimum opportunity.  Other hints are that the loot totals will be rounded figures and the player will have no league badge.

look for elixir drills that are atleast half full

full elixer drill


#3 Save Elixer at night by Banking Wallbreakers!  If you have a couple hundred thousand elixir, you can fill your camps to the max and use this trick.  Then click on each of your barracks, and build max wall breakers.  Each wall breaker takes 2 spots are the most expensive unit per space.  If you max out wall breakers on each of your barracks, you can protect up to a couple hundred thousand elixir from getting raided each night.  When you wake up, you can simply unclick all the bomb units and you will get 100% of the elixir back.  (Note: Does not work with spells)    The same trick can be used on the dark barracks to a limited extent to protect precious dark elixir.
I click on each barracks to build max amount of Wallbreakers (after the camps are full)