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The BEST Clash Clan Ever

Farming after the update


The super cell forums are full of posts like ‘How farming is dead’. But to be honest its not dead, the only thing that is dead is the free shield from town hall sniping. I am a TH8 who struggled a lot after the update. Why?? Not because farming was dead, and also not because i was getting 3 starred by th9s most of the time and also losing 300k of gold and elixir. I was extremely unhappy because of the fact that I couldn’t do the one thing I loved the most, getting out there and destroying bases of actual people.  I lost literally every raid. I call this period ‘THE DARKEST TIMES OF COC’

HAPPY TIMES: After losing so much. I finally wised up. The problem was the not my low level troops or  me getting attacked by th9s so much. The problem was my trophies. Now I am happily getting raids for 350k each and 1.5k DE in a matter of 3-4 mins of searching. I am at  So I am writing this article to help you guys in Deciding the trophy range for good farming

Th10: Crystal 1 or masters 3

Th9: crystal 2/3

Th8: Gold 2/1(for dark elixir) or lower for gold and elixir

Th7: Silver 1 or Gold 3

Th6: Silver 3/2

Disclaimer: All the views expressed herein are of my personal opinion formed through playing the game for hours in a day. Any disagreements shall not be entertained and they will be ignored.

Thank you and Clash On.