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The BEST Clash Clan Ever

This months greatest raiders!

At the start of every month our members gold grab and elixir escapade are recorded. At the end of the month we hold a contest to see which of our clan members snagged the most gold and elixir during the month. Congratulations to the following ten people!

  1. Iskaral                       275,235,861
  2. Kyrie                            88,024,599
  3. CaptainCupcakes       75,609,528
  4. Mcbride                       63,749,149
  5. Thekid                          57,298,798
  6. Greg                              57,241,690
  7. Virus                             56,943,556
  8. Breezy                           43,092,702
  9. Darryl                            36,665,600
  10.  Vincent Vega              31,622,797

Great job everyone! Remember to submit your highest raids on kik as well.

Didn’t make the list? Try again next month!

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