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The BEST Clash Clan Ever

War Attacks

Mass Hog:

-34 hogs
-30 archers
-3 healing spells
-CC: archers/wizards
Lure the CC troops, then send one hog in to check for trops. Then send the horde in and keep them alive with the heal spells. Watch out for skeletons and big bombs in open spaces.

Mass Dragon:

-10 dragons
-3 lightning spells
-CC: dragon + archers
Do not lure the CC troops. Lightning spell one of the three air defenses. Then send the dragons in, try to keep them centered so they can get to the other two air 


-8-12 giants
-2-4 wall breakers
-2 healers
-rest archers/wizards
-CC: archers/wizards
-3 healing spells
-(optional) 1 lightning spell to take out CC troops
Take out the CC troops. Send in the giants in batches of 4-6 (2 total). Send a healer on each of those batches. Send wallbreakers in to destroy the walls to let the giants inside. Circle the base in archers/wizards.