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The BEST Clash Clan Ever


Welcome to iLUTION.

About the clan

We are a newer professional clan which consist of ambitious and experienced members. We are dedicated to becoming one of the elite clash clan by defeating our opponents and helping our members build and grow into elite members. We are a English speaking clan with members from all over the world including US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and more. We provide a collegial and supportive environment for all members in our clan and always looking for new ways to improve.  We are mostly adults and

Leadership and Members

Our current clan was formed between 2 clans combining forces and resources. Your Top clan leaders are Tylerka, Golden Monkey and Vis.

Key Members: Tylerka3-War leader  vis-webmaster  3scar-socialmedia Lead

Communication / kik

We only send out clan mail when we must, so please take the time to read them when you see a notification for one. We do try to get feed back from our members in the clash chat, but You can only be on Clash of clans for so long before either your battery dies or get caught using it during work or school. So for this situation, we use the app ‘kik’. If you don’t already use it, we recommend you get this app take take part in our group discussions.

{ kik app links for android and iOS}


We perform back 2 back wars and we put anyone who’s war preference is set to IN. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then click here. So plan ahead of time and make sure you will be able to se both attacks. If you are unable to attack, please change your war preference to OUT of war. If you’re already in war and something came up, please tell one of our leaders. All of our leaders use kik and that would be the quickest way to communicate with anyone in the clan, so another reason to use it.


Never ask for a rank promotion.  You will most likely not get it and probably get the boot. You may only ask how you may get one in the future.

forget your elder and co leader positions you know of from clash. Our ranking system is more advanced then what supercell provides us. View how our member structure works here and what members current occupy those positions here.

Rule Recap

Just went over rules butt.

Have Fun!